austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

Drink and the devil had done for the rest

From the ``Of Howell Davis'' chapter of the pirate book I've read ...

... Then landing [ at Goa ] , [ La Bouche ] invited himself to a seat at the Governor's table, where he placed his person between the latter and the Viceroy and informed his Portugese excellency that he was a prisoner. The pirate having been put in good humor by wine and good cheer, [ French Governor M. Desforges ] Boucher asked him to set the Viceroy's ransom.

``I must have a thousand dollars, '' replied La Bouche.

``That is far too little,'' replied the shrewd governor, ``for a brave freebooter like yourself to accept from a grand lord like the Viceroy. Ask something handsome or ask nothing.''

``Well,'' answered La Bouche, ``I shall ask nothing. The Viceroy is free to go.''

This is why Daffy Duck was never licensed as privateer...

Meantime it's been a series of beautiful nights here -- relatively cool, water ripe with rain, nice irregular breezes that sometimes get quite strong. It smells like spring, as if that were a precise description. It's a wonderful air.

Trivia: To stop his brother Chico's hocking of his bar mitzvah watch, Harpo removed its hands and wore it anyway. Source: Harpo Speaks!, Harpo Marx and Rowland Barber.

Currently Reading: Under the Black Flag: Expoits of the Most Notorious Pirates, Don C. Seitz.


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