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I'm dreaming of a White Christmas

Yes, today was the first time I've heard that song on mall stereo speakers this season. That it was sung with the normal lyrics intact in a place that hasn't had snow since the Indo-Australian plate left the Antarctic plate makes it all the more, well, typical.

While walking over to Suntec City I had the good fortune to look over, to the west, at just the right moment to catch the sun in an interesting position relative to the (Civilian) War Memorial, the four ``chopsticks'' built in memory to those killed during the Japanese Occupation. Luckily, I was in just the right spot that I could catch the sun at the peak of the towers. he unlucky part: the only spot from which I could get just the right angle was in the middle of the fast lane on Nicoll Highway. But this was at a crosswalk, with an exceptionally long walk signal time, so I could use a couple traffic light cycles to grab a couple pictures that looked pretty good. If I'd confined myself to sidewalks either the Sun would be too far to the right, or else it'd be a few hours away from touching the towers.

After sunset I started making my way back, when I remembered that my camera's simulated film sensitivity was something I could adjust. My camera's smart in many camera-oriented ways, but it is not good at picking its own ASA. I'm not sure precisely what the ASA is either, except it seems like lower numbers work better in the day and higher numbers better at night, but my camera doesn't know even that. So I took over the settings, and got a really good shot looking up the river. I was delighted enough by this to pretty heavily photograph the vicinity of the Coleman Bridge, and caught the Reverse Bungee in the act of slingshotting a couple riders up into the night sky. This incidentally answered a question I'd had, namely, whatever happened to it after that accident when the cable snapped (while the cage was on the ground, so the riders were not in danger) and the manager explained that they were very safe, inspecting the cables regularly, and the one which snapped had passed its inspection just that morning. At some point, and I missed just when, it went back into service. I kept missing the cab at the top of the arc, but it's visible at all, which is pretty good.

At the Harbourfront Mall, besides some experiments in the white balance, I caught the Moon high above one of the restaurant ends of the mall. Since I had my camera with the wide-angle lens and all that hooked on, my attention caused some of the people walking by to stop and look and they apparently agreed this was interesting, because they started taking pictures too. This proves something, but I don't know what.

Trivia: During World War I about 100,000 women worked in United States munitions plants. Source: Anxious Decades: America in Prosperity and Depression, 1920-1941, Michael E Parrish.

Currently Reading: A History of Money, Glyn Davies.


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