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Wash your lonely feet in the river in the morning

I'm still working on selecting and processing pictures, so none of them for right now. Downloading the first card took approximately half an hour to download, so you can see the problem in rushing this.

The Wetlands Reserve has this combination cafeteria and gift shop, though souvenirs are pretty slim. I thought a ``Big Picture'' patch they had -- one of five triangles each with a different species depicted -- was cute, but I only saw two different patches and took one of each. Actually, I picked up three. The cashier asked if I wanted the entire set. I explained they didn't have the whole set. She asked why I didn't take the remaining patch, and I said it was a duplicate. When the cashier asked again I said yes, I would like the whole set, and she went to the rack, saw it was a duplicate, and went to the stock cabinets for the ones I was missing. She didn't put them out on the sales rack, though.

While waiting for the bus back, I noticed across the street a farm. The motto on the main building read: ``Towards 21st Century High-Tech Aerogreen Farming -- Tropical Aeroponics.'' I didn't know aeroponics had a role other than growing inedible lima beans on foam cups for second grade science projects. And someone in the area -- at the far northwest corner of Singapore, roughly -- sells groceries; as I waited for the bus (getting quite angry that the bus scheduled for 6:22 pm had not arrived by nearly half past the hour, which would be fair except that it was closer to 5:28 pm) a couple older women with bags of groceries -- including a styrofoam box -- wandered up. There's also, nearby, a spot which if I'm reading the map correctly has to be the Singtel Kranji Radio Transmitting Station, which is a pretty large, flat building, with a central tower that looks kind of like a rocket. I suppose if you're going to build a transmitter you may as well have fun with it.

The bus taking me back -- which had this odd, Intellivision-game-over type sound for the stop signal -- dropped me off at the Woodlands station, right by one of the malls struck by the attack escalators a few weeks ago. Their management was on the news claiming they'd step up escalator safety. I noticed that next to all the escalators there were new standing signs warning people to always hold on to the hand rails and to not put your shoes on the yellow strips where the escalator can chew them. Good practice, sure, though by the time I got there I was tired and dehydrated enough I thought I might fall off the escalator steps. I quickly got plenty to drink. (I brought a liter of water to the wetlands reserve, and drank it over the whole day, but it was still a long and hot day.)

Trivia: A liter of water can dissolve over 350 grams of aluminum sulfate. Source: Molecules at an Exhibition, John Emsley.

Currently Reading: The Impossible Dream: The Building of the Panama Canal, Ian Cameron.


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