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They can't get through to Johnny, they will never, ever break him down

Sorry to run late, but my plan was to go to the Night Safari at the Zoo, and that opens, well, at night, and taking a reasonable time to linger -- considering it closes at midnight -- just makes posting by my usual time of about ten minutes after midnight not really practical. I won't be writing about that right now, though, no time; let me put together some miscellaneous other thoughts.

Naturally all the malls with any sense of pride have set up floor shows for Christmas. Most of them would have floor shows set up for something -- they seem nervous having a big empty space on the main floor -- but this way they have a particular theme, which is stuff that has wreaths on it. Harbourfront Mall has ``The Bear Who Saved Christmas,'' whose name, if I haven't misunderstood the signs, is Marvin. I haven't caught it at a time when the backstory for this Christmas-saving was done, though; all I've seen are various a capella groups singing about white Christmases or open sleighs. All i've seen of Marvin is a couple duplicates of the same picture, of a cartoony teddy bear in superhero outfit, with one arm in front of him and cape billowing behind. Maybe if you have a superhero teddy bear you don't need backstory.

A centerpiece of it is a huge Christmas tree, heavily decorated with lights, ornaments, and teddy bears. This is a great attraction, since its size and position make it nearly impossible to walk between the mall and the MRT station without getting in the way of someone's picture. Possibly several people. They're pretty forgiving. Next to the tree they do have a warning, though, to not touch the tree because of the high-voltage lights installed. As far as I can tell they're the ordinary sorts of Christmas lights. Possibly they just want people not to mess with things.

Plaza Singapura had something called ``Debbie and Mikey's First Christmas in Singapore'', and I caught it as the show began. Debbie and Mikey are mascot-style representations of kids, and the story near as I can figure is: the emcee and Mikey invite Debbie to their Christmas party, but she doesn't want to stay for it. Debbie goes home, stepping offstage and following a handler backstage. The emcee concludes that Debbie really just feels kind of bad, so they make a cake for her. Taking out a bowl, mixing ingredients, and all that are done in pantomime, so it looked like Mikey was doing that dance from the Chicken Little commercials. They walked offstage, and Debbie walked on, and we were told now the stage was Debbie's house, and they delivered the cake, which got her to raise her hands in what was proclaimed to be delight. The emcee went on to say they were all going to dance now, and several times asked the kids to dance along (the speaker system played ``Santa Claus is Coming To Town''), and while the emcee thanked the kids for dancing along, only a few stood up, and none of them danced along.

Trivia: Over the nine months following the debut of Superman, Action Comics more than doubled its monthly sales. Source: Men of Tomorrow, Gerard Jones.

Currently Reading: Astounding Days, Arthur C Clarke. It's been too long since I read it last.


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