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Wanna be a member? Wanna be a member?

I was puttering around Barnes and Noble -- I'm a great putterer -- trying particularly to find a suitable book on which to use a bonus 20 percent off coupon my parents got for being a member. You can understand why a completely arbitrary and ultimately unimportant decision like that would get me stuck. Obviously the thing to do is use it to buy a book that would otherwise be a little out of my price range, but there really aren't so many that are until you get into something like The Outrageously Complete Calvin & Hobbes Printing Even The Black-And-White Strips On That Expensive Glossy Paper and that, actually, tips a little over into being too expensive. It's also clearly going to be available for years to come, so there's not the real need to buy it now lest I miss the chance to get it on discount.

Making things a touch more complicated for my over-thinking mind is that unless I'm completely wrong this is a discount for only one book. So I can't do what I would with Kinokuniya when it has a special 20 percent off weekend, namely, gather a bunch of fifteen-or-twenty dollar books that look interesting and enjoy the chunk off that price. That's a shame since I can easily find fifteen-or-twenty US dollar books that interest me; and while it's harder to make the time to read while at home and hanging about with my parents or having to actually drive myself instead of let a professional do it for me, and I haven't finished reading the last books I'd bought in Singapore (I always overshoot for reading material on plane flights, at least ever since I ran out of stuff in Los Angeles International with several hours to my flight and six hours of flight after that), I like having a hefty pile of interesting things to get to. This is why it's impossible for me to fit my books on a bookshelf simultaneously.

Now for today's odd/quirky thing to happen: while I was looking around the Reference section a couple of kids gathered together just down the aisle, near the car repair and self-help books. I wasn't particularly listening to them, but one of them said something and they started to agree, ``Yeah!'' ``Awesome!'' ``Great!'' and so on. I have to suppose that was about something other than the car repair books. Maybe the self-esteem books work at a distance these days.

Trivia: In 1849 there were sixty anthracite furnaces making iron in eastern Pennsylvania. Five years later there were twice as many. Source: Coal: A Human History, Barbara Freese.

Currently Reading: The Essence of Style, Joan DeJean.


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