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Birds singing in the sycamore trees

I agree that Dr Martin Luther King, Junior, was a great man, who should be remembered and respected, and quite worthy of having a holiday made for him. I believe in general people don't take enough holidays and it's worth disrupting the ordinary routine more so that we do understand both how good things are in general and how they could be made better. However, despite wanting to have more people in general taking more time off in general, I got fairly annoyed today by the discovery that my barber had taken today off. Yes, wanting people to take holidays off may sound like it's inconsistent with not wanting a person in the service industries taking a specific day off, but I prefer to think of these views as reflections of a more general principle, namely that things should be very convenient and pleasant to me. I think everyone can get behind that principle, or should.

Plus, I really need a haircut. I'm getting to where I'm a bit shaggier than Sam the Sheepdog from those Sam-and-Ralph cartoons. I have to be careful when I eat or else my hair will cover my mouth. I should have called my barber before setting out, but that feels too much like setting an appointment -- it's a real barber shop and there's no appointments set -- and I like surprising him. He's very proud to have a guy who'll come all the way from Singapore for a haircut, even though I don't come just for that, and will talk about that to anyone else in the shop while I just sit there, somehow giving me (in his eyes) a reputation for being a great conversationalist. I'm hoping he'll be open tomorrow. Maybe I'll call to make sure.

In cat news: Dad asked me to keep the door to the Master Bedroom closed so the cat hair has a chance to settle, and I didn't mind since I don't sleep there. The younger cat was not happy and was pushing on the door (it pulls open) for hours. Saturday and Sunday she also spat up her food. Last night when she pulled a plastic bag halfway out the bedroom and started rattling on that I gave in and opened the door for her; she stared at the inside-side of the door, but didn't go in. She did, however, eat her food and not throw up any of it. I have the distinct feeling of having been issued the terms of a deal for how the rest of this cat-sitting will work out.

Trivia: George Washington's first land purchase was for 1,459 acres in Frederic County, Virginia, in 1752. Source: Measuring America, Andro Linklater.

Currently Reading: The World's Banker, Sebastian Mallaby.


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