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Don't stand in the pouring rain

Yesterday early afternoon I used the pretext of getting lunch to grab a car and go out to Subway. There was a bowl of egg salad in the fridge that would make a perfectly good lunch, but I wanted to use some reason to get out of the house and chances when the car I can drive is completely clear are rare enough. And I could save the egg salad for Monday, since I didn't know if my father would be in or out -- so if I'd have a car or not -- and my parents have been trying to empty out the fridge in advance of the expected snow that might be as many as ten centimeters deep. Actually I missed why they're doing this; I think it might just be cleaning it out. In any case it was worth saving food that was really present.

At some point I'll need to compare impressions of the United States Subway shops with Singaporean ones; I couldn't do that before because I rarely ate at Subway before finding them in Singapore. There are differences in selection, as well as in how well the staff assembles hoagies or manages to wrap them so there's no sandwich innards exposed to the air. The important thing is I was able to eat, observe humanity, and get a good bit of reading done, and I went back home since I didn't have much else to do either.

My father wondered where I was; well, I was just eating. And reading. And taking advantage of free refills, which would be slightly more popular in Singapore than free Hello Kitty hand phones would be but hasn't really been introduced yet. And he said I should have said something, because there were these coupons in the Sunday paper that I hadn't touched because I expected my parents to have thrown out the paper before I could see it. (I have to talk about the newspapers issue around here sometime.) And a free six-inch pastrami would have been nice, if I had known about it. Next time, perhaps.

In the evening, Dad asked about ``the Subway deal you got'', leaving me pretty confused because I wasn't thinking about lunch what with it being 8 pm. He asked again about the deal I got, which as far as I remembered amounted to ``I gave them money so they would make a sandwich and then give it to me, and I got a bag of sun chips with it''. He went off frustrated and later I realized he was talking about the coupons, which I didn't know about, and so didn't use, but that were sitting on the kitchen counter where he'd left them.

Monday lunchtime, Dad was out. He'd used the egg salad to make sandwiches to bring to work with him.

Trivia: Shortly after it opened the Bank of England loaned King William III £1.2 million at eight percent annual interest. Source: A History of Credit and Power in the Western World, Scott B MacDonald, Albert L Gastmann.

Currently Reading: One Good Turn: A Natural History of the Screwdriver and the Screw, Witold Rybczynski.


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