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She has to realize that to keep one, her ways have to change some

So what happened after I went back home in search of more points to get a replacement driver's license? For one thing, I sulked, but I think that was fair enough. Dad bugged me again about being presentable in my new picture, and I gave in and put on a shirt with a collar on it, lest I lose a job to a bad driver's license picture. And I went in search of another point. In order to prove my identity they accept things like a college transcript with student identification card, although my student identification cards are even more out of date than my driver's license, and at least as missing. (However, my RPI license doesn't explicitly contain any expiration date on it.) They'll accept a bank statement or a bank machine card, but not both together. They'll take an insurance card -- ah! Well, that I have, at least. And so I set out again. I also took my PhD diploma since that's worth a point too, inexplicably. I didn't take it out of the frame.

I didn't feel like making two trips to the same office in the same day, but now I knew of the existence of a second Motor Vehicles office in about the same area, and I figured I'd take that. It was even down the same highway I used the first time; I just had to turn one intersecting highway later and look for it on the left. Very nearly as easy and no problem. I set out, turned on the new highway, and ... well ... now ... it had to be somewhere around here ... well, it can't be past the community college ... or ... maybe it's back the other way ... and eventually I gave in and pulled in to a gas station for another ten dollars worth of Plus and I asked the attendant if he knew where the Motor Vehicles office was. He didn't live around there. I'd never imagined commuting to a gas station job. But the guys in the office knew and I had driven only a bit past it, and needed to make only two u-turns to get to it.

At the office the woman in the first line examined my points, was quite interested to hear I was in Singapore (it's a really good excuse for having any papers out of order), and assured me the replacement license would have the same old number. She sent me to a woman sitting at a little card table in the middle of the office. Apparently she worked there. She reviewed my points and the application for a replacement license, and told me I was number 36; she wrote this number on a slip of paper, and kept the paper. I waited for her to call my number; when she did she reviewed my papers again, then sent me to Camera Three. I turned in my papers, which were examined, and paid the replacement fee; I started to take off my jacket and she told me that wasn't necessary. They had my old picture on file. She sent me to this little aisle between cubicle partition walls to wait. There were two seats in the aisle, as well as two fairly burly men standing up in the narrow space, so the seats couldn't actually be sat in. By the time I had got my jacket back on the new license was printed out, and I discovered my old picture was taken with the same shirt I was now wearing.

Trivia: Ferdinand Magellan became a naturalized Spanish subject for his circumnavigating expedition. Source: In Quest of Spices, Sonia E Howe.

Currently Reading: Union 1812: The Americans Who Fought the Second War of Independence, A J Langguth.


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