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If you paid attention, you'd be worried too

I found the stories -- or, at least, the first story -- featuring me to my surprise. I'm hesitant to include the link for fear of the URL vanishing, but it's titled ``Family Hero,'' by Misty_Crom, in the ``Macro Story'' forum at the Macrophile forums web site. The relevant passages:

Misty nodded as he answered [ the phone ] , stepping out into the kitchen. ``Austin?'' He said, knowing who would have been roped into phoning him.

``Y - yeah Misty, I’m sorry. I know it’s your daughter’s birthday, but this really is big. It’s about those POWs... Listen to this.'' The coati said, very apologetically. As Misty listened to the recording, he had to admit that Austin was right; this was huge. ``Austin... this is too big for us; I’m calling The Fox.'' He told Austin.

``I had a feeling you would. Wish him luck from me okay. And wish Aruna a happy birthday from me and enjoy her party.'' The coati replied before hanging up.

[ Cutting to the next scene... ]

As [ Misty ] drove along the tunnel which connected with an underground car-park, he called through to Austin. ``Mr Dern [sic]. The Fox here. Misty tells me you have something for me.'' He said, the voice-synth cutting in automatically. ``Yeah, I’ve put everything into an e-mail, I’m sending it now. Good luck Fox.'' Austin answered.

``I got it. You’re right; this is huge. Thanks Austin. I’m going straight there.'' The Fox acknowledged as he skim read the files, letting the car drive to the car-park itself, setting it to head to the location in the e-mail whilst he read through everything Austin had sent.

[ Cutting to next scene ... ]

Once he’d finished, Misty phoned Jayne, switching off the voice-synth first. ``Hey Jayne. Sorry it’s taken me a while, I had a lot to read through on this... You know how Austin is with reports and the like.'' He greeted.

Does it capture my unique voice? I might sulk about ``how Austin is with reports and the like,'' but I notice I haven't managed to bring in a short Livejournal entry in a month. He got that I tend to include the dash in e-mail at least.

I hadn't been more than dimly aware of the macrophile web site or forums; while I hang out in the Giants Club nearly exclusively (on FurryMuck) being gigantic or miniscule isn't by itself that fascinating. It's a good crowd, attentive to people starting their own tinyplots and eager to respond to things with interest and good humor. I suspect it comes from having to look at people fairly regularly to avoid unfortunate accidental displays of inertia, combined with a general awareness of how silly the whole thing is. I like that.

Trivia: The first graduating class of Queens College (which would become Rutgers) was in 1774, eight years after the school was chartered, and consisted of Matthew Leydt, son of a trustee. Source: This Is New Jersey, John T. Cunningham.

Currently Reading: The Story of English, Robert McCrum, Robert MacNeil, and William Cran.


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