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Down the halls and into the street, up to the corner and 'round the bend

Continuing to wrestle humor from the dismalness of my job search: I found a campus map, and looked for the building where physics was last known to be. I couldn't find the name, but one student-aged woman noticed I looked lost and asked if I needed help, and after she checked with another guy agreed on the building I probably wanted and guided me to it, on the other end of campus. It was also given a different name on the map, but really ``descriptivism'' is such an antiquated philosophy for maps, isn't it? Most of that building was closed off for renovations, and only one thing looked vaguely office-like, so I tried to enter, to find the door locked. But a secretary was inside and I asked her where I might find the physics department main office, and she hesitantly told me of another building halfway back across campus.

I got there and the building looked like just-barely-postwar construction with a lot of temporary additions and relocations. I found flyers talking about the glories of a career in physics and pointing me one way, but I walked down the length of the hall without seeing anything but two professors' names on manilla folders taped outside doors, before I got to the next stairwell and signs pointing to physics going back the other way. What could I do? I went back the other way.

Fortunately, a secretary saw me walk past an open door twice and asked if I could help; I wasn't quite sure where to begin. But I said I was looking for the physics department, heard they might have an opening, and she agreed, this was it and they did, but the search committee was closing their search soon. Of course, if I did have a résumé -- ah! Good thing I printed out a copy. I handed it to her and she promised to pass it on to the search committee. So now while I haven't heard anything, it's at least a different order of things I haven't heard about. And I missed at least one repeat of explaining the challenges of planing an attractive backyard garden in Washington, DC.

After dropping off my CV I went to the library, where wandering about at random I found a book listing every known television, movie, magazine, or book appearance of William Shatner, and I learned that on the day I was born Shatner appeared on an episode of Hawaii 5-0. On the way out of there I met the student who guided me before, and thanked her for her help.

Trivia: Before 1866 the City College of New York was known as the Free Academy. Source: Gotham, Edwin G Burrows, Mike Wallace.

Currently Reading: Eyewitness to the Civil War, Neil Kagan, Stephen G Hyslop.


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