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So nice and warm - Look out the window at that storm

Something of a snow day for today, what with all the snow around and coming generally downward. Some of it goes sideways or even up, but that's windy conditions attempting to be a Nor'easter for you. It's my first serious snowstorm, as in one in which it's worth going home early and not peeking out again, in years, and they're really quite pleasant as long as you're not paying the heating bill and don't have anywhere to go. And truth be told, despite being generally very happy with the Singapore climate I did kind of miss waking up lazily in the morning to find it astoundingly bright white from the ground being covered in snow. My only serious regret is that I didn't think to go out and refill the car with gas yesterday when it was considerably warmer and doing nothing worse than lightly raining. Obviously I didn't get the tank filled today; I'll just have to do it tomorrow and trust that in this (pfui) self-serve state conditions won't be too bad.

I did get the chance to see how the local New England news covers a heavy storm, though. I'm used to the New York City metropolitan area, which has all the people not quite ready for prime-time network newscast due to taking excessive naps or the like. And after that there's the Singapore news, which deliberately imitates the BBC. The only seriously local news I've lived with for a long time was from Albany/Schenactedy, where I would watch in fascination as the alien scorpion queen wrestled about in the neck of Dr Alan Chartok and kind of miss all the other stuff going on. Among miscellaneous news about the weather and the weather alerts and such, one of the anchors (or possibly weather folks) said, ``It may surprise you in the middle of all this talk about snow, but officials are concerned about potential flooding.'' That actually doesn't strike me as the least bit surprising, given that the choices for the snow's fate are sublimation or melting, and it won't be around long enough to sublimate. Maybe he was ad-libbing.

My aunt and uncle live on a really rather steep slope, so another fun little storm pastime is watching vehicles at the corner deciding if they really want to risk heading down, given the inclement weather and the good chance that the vehicle will lose all sense of friction soon. I would have bet the UPS truck was stuck, but it staggered its way up to the top of the hill successfully, as did the sanders, so maybe it wasn't all that icy after all.

Trivia: 223 entries were received for the Sydney Opera House design contest. Source: The Evolution of Useful Things, Henry Petroski.

Currently Reading: From Alfred to Henry III, 871 - 1272, Christopher Brooke.


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