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Don't fence me in

Besides taking the chance to get some things out of storage -- some was in a neighbor's garage, where it has to be removed before the time in April when he gets back from Florida; some was in my storage locker, which has been gradually filled with all the stuff my father thinks my brothers and sister want saved (they've said expressly that they do not want them saved), so that essentially all the clutter I had before I went to Singapore has gained enough interest to fill up my locker. My plan was to go through and pick out the things that actually should be saved, then pick out the magazines or books which were put away but that could be profitably sold to (say) a used book store, and then hopefully be able to actually step into my storage locker again. Four years ago there was enough space to set up a chair and relax. One may ask whether a guy who can't get rid of a book he owns has any business selling other people's books, but my brother is really fascinated with the labor strife movement, and my sister with horses, and I just can't see my ever reading more than about one book in a hundred of theirs. My books, of course, I've all read.

Unfortunately, this got partly scuttled by an actual phone call from the brother of mine whose stuff I was scavenging, because it turns out that he didn't know that he had any stuff in there. He said that if he did realize it he would have taken at least some of it with him, and certainly would have divided it into piles that could be sold or given away and piles that should be kept. The beer-making equipment he says should definitely be sold to someone who buys such things, since it's pretty easily replaced and not worth shipping cross-continent. Books he won't know without an inventory -- old textbooks may or may not be useful, and he thinks B F Skinner's Freeing Ourselves From Human Dignity By Generously Applying Electrical Shocks (well, the title's something like that) is a hoot that I should read someday. Maybe I will, but for now I'm leaving it on my parents' floor rather than taking up my storage locker space. This may not be mature, but I've been aggravated enough about my storage locker to not want to be mature.

Trivia: The fourth month of the Babylonian calendar was Du'uzu. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: A History of the Habsburg Empire, Robert A Kann.


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