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There's all the news to tell him: how'd you spend your time?

I think I forgot to mention: my father got back from his trip out west to see the elder of my little brothers. He got back a couple of days ago, and reportedly had a great time, and told me how I should have gone with him. He's told me this every day since he got back, and on the phone when I talked with him while he was out there, and he told me this daily for the couple weeks leading up to his going. I don't know how to tell him that the only thing I want a vacation from right now is him without hurting his feelings, but that doesn't much matter as he wouldn't hear me even if I said it.

They did a great deal of driving and camping, which was their plan, which would be another reason I didn't go. I'm not the outdoors type; while I don't mind the great outdoors, I use it mostly as a way to get from where I am to another place that I want to be, and camping out is, as far as I can tell, nearly exclusively done outside. Also, my brother was in charge of arranging the food, and he's a strict Vegan with a tendency to overact when he's near the butcher's counter in the supermarket; he's also impoverished enough that we believe he dumpster-dives for most of his food. Dad said he demanded to see receipts for all the stuff he ate, but also reported having a Vegan kielbasa which was perfectly tasty and indistinguishable from the meat kind apart from being thinner than standard.

One thing Dad said I would really have loved would be the night skies. Perhaps I would have; I've always been interested in astronomy, but have never lived in a better place for it than suburban New Jersey, which is itself not that great, and I've never owned a telescope that I didn't get from sending in proofs of purchase for cereal boxes. (At that, I under-used it.) Mom and Dad have the idea that I can identify most any object in the night sky, and I don't try sabotaging their impressions, but really mostly what I do is say the really bright thing is Venus if it's within 45 degrees of the Sun, or Jupiter if it's farther away, and since they don't look it up I can get away with that. Spending a week of identifying things as Venus or Jupiter would get pretty old, and would probably show the fragility of my actual knowledge.

Trivia: For the first (Latin) edition of his Commentary on the Effects of Electricity on Muscular Motion, in 1791, Luigi Galvani had printed up twelve copies. Source: An Entertainment For Angels, Patricia Fara.

Currently Reading: A History of the Habsburg Empire, Robert A Kann.


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