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Long about a Saturday night

There's something a bit different about this trip up -- I'm staying in a different bedroom and so have a natural use of a different bathroom and shower. I'm glad then that this is just a short weekend trip because I don't particularly care for the rarely-used shower that I do have. You see, I like a shower with a lot of water pressure. The more the better, generally. My vision of a good shower is one which has the hand-held shower head (not a problem here), with very hot water on tap, and hydraulic pressure on the order of what was used to fuel Saturn V rockets. I like the water blasting dead skins cells off of me. If I leave the shower head pointed at the wall while I fiddle with my towel or the shampoo bottle or something, I'd like it to start digging out the tile.

Unfortunately, the guest-bedroom shower I have this time is a relatively puny thing. It delivers hot water just fine, which was something my uncle worried about. (A couple years ago his brother used that shower, and couldn't get any hot water from it, and he didn't say anything about it until months after his visit. It turned out to just be a stuck valve behind the plumbing, but I don't quite get that he stayed a whole week without saying anything or switching to the upstairs shower.) But the water it does deliver, and I fiddled with the head to find the maximum here, delivers a gentle little stream of water, the kind you might get from a summer shower not heavy enough to get the umbrella out for, and that slows down my shower process as I just don't feel like I'm getting so clean.

My first year ever in Singapore I rented a room from a charming Indian family, and had initially a problem with the water in my shower -- there just wasn't any pressure at all in it, and they didn't know because it was on the far end of their apartment and they never used it. That was easy to get fixed, though. This, I have the suspicion the water pressure is exactly as it's designed to be. I should probably go back to using the upstairs shower, as I did the last time I visited.

Trivia: Dr T Keith Glennan introduced the Mercury Seven astronauts in a Washington, DC, press conference on 9 April 1959. Source: Project Mercury: A Chronology, James M Grimwood, NASA SP-4001.

Currently Reading: Empire: How Spain Became A World Power, 1492 - 1763, Henry Kamen.


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