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I've done so very many stupid things

Grumble. Hazards of making use of one's shirt pocket, a continuing series I don't think I've ever posted to before: you could drop your USB key out of your shirt pocket and into the sink full of soapy water with which you've been washing your hands. I retried and dried it off, but while it worked initially when I put it in the USB drive, trying to save to a file on it caused the system to throw a little digital hissy fit and evict the device. There's less about treating water-sunk USB keys than you might think available on a Google search conducted by someone with my skills, but the verdict seems to be there are some USB keys that are water-resistant, none of them explicitly the one I used, but even some that aren't will be fine if they're left to dry for a couple days. I really, desperately, hope that's the case here. Most of the files on that key -- the 8 megabyte one -- are disposable, but among the files that are really important are draft copies of Livejournal entries including a lot of notes made for later application and -- critically -- files with trivia points I had condensed out of many of the library books I've read the last couple years.

I like including a daily trivia point, even if it's often the most challenging part of the day (if I want to have something with some connection to the entry or else the calendar date), and I know there are some of you out there who particularly love them, and I have enough books in my possession which I wisely did not extract abundantly many trivia points from and then sell to used book stores that I could probably carry on with nothing lost but my pride and the time spent on the books that selfish library in Singapore insisted on keeping in its circulation. Still, I hope that it comes back, and obviously I need to expand my backup philosophy to include the USB keys.

My 1 gigabyte key, for the record, was uninvolved in the accident and has not been harmed. That one includes various useful resources like my current versions of my CV, resume, and the Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan fictions I've had in various states of partial completion for years now. Also SimHarbour, a little fan-made simulation game that tries to get the experience of running a busy port but which contains no intelligible documentation or tutorials so that I have no idea what I'm doing or whether it's getting anywhere. There's a certain charm in a strategy or simulation game you have to divine the rules for.

Trivia: In 1917 Coffee County, Alabama -- trying to replace the cotton crop lost to the boll weevil -- produced more peanuts than any other county in the United States. Source: Big Cotton, Stephen Yafa.

Currently Reading: Park Maker: A Life Of Frederick Law Olmsted, Elizabeth Stevenson. (I just realized I'd been misspelling his name for days, and quite possibly my entire life before that.)


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