austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

Misty water-colored memories

Good news for those worried about my portable data storage, and I'm sure that's the news you've been looking for: I left the soaked USB key to dry overnight. This morning -- or to be precise this afternoon -- it was working today well enough that I could read files, and therefore I copied everything off of it and onto my hard drive. I haven't yet washed it in distilled water, but at least now even if it were lost I'd have the important things from it. Obviously in the future I will have to expand my backups program to include ``I should've done backups of the USB keys too''. (I can't give a good reason for why I wasn't keeping copies of the trivia files on a second source, since that's so obviously useful, except that there is the hassle of making sure I keep synchronized notes of which points I've already used. I don't think I've reused a trivia item, but actually checking this would be too much like work.)

With the wonderfully warm weather the past couple of days we've taken the chance to open the windows and get a good cross-breeze going. We can't open the windows the whole way, though, since we've learned that the white cat will, given the chance, burrow into a partly opened window and she has escaped from the house at least once. (She returned after a few hundred ``Have You Seen This Cat?'' flyers were printed up, but before my parents got back from the print shop.) With the window fully open she'll hang on the screen. So we have to let the windows be just barely open enough that they can't squirm in. An interesting side effect of this is that the older, grey cat keeps trying to squeeze into the window of my bedroom, to which she won't fit. The white cat, aware the grey cat wants something, insists on squeezing in as well, so that they both tumble off the windowsill and swat at each other (or as my mother puts it, they ``play'', with hissing and claws). It's a bit colder tonight, so we've closed the windows, and the cats will have to adjust.

I notice that at least six people on my Friends list -- from a group of which maybe two dozen post somewhat regularly-- mentioned the discovery of a possible habitable planet yesterday. I know one tends to associate with friends who have some interests in common, although at least one of those persons was a friend-of-a-Livejournal-friend originally, making the networking a more curious phenomenon to me.

Trivia: From 1673, when he was 41, throughout his career Antony van Leeuwenhoek sent 375 letters to the Royal Society. Souce: Ideas: A History from Fire to Freud, Peter Watson.

Currently Reading: Park Maker: A Life Of Frederick Law Olmsted, Elizabeth Stevenson. You know, since it appears he never spelled another person's name right in his life, it's not so bad that I had his wrong.


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