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I'd've taken all my money and bought me a museum

My parents are away for the weekend. It's not a really big vacation; they're just taking the chance to see the King Tut exhibit in Philadelphia, and decided to spin it out into a two-day event, and on top of that to call in some of their rowdy college friends and those relatives. I didn't go along for a couple reasons, mostly that I've just had a bit too much togetherness with my parents lately, as measured by the fractions of the day that I spend in my bedroom with the door closed and trying to not overhear the excessively loud television. It was pointed out there's room for me since a niece dropped out due to suddenly falling sick, but, really, I enjoy spending a Saturday evening watching television at a reasonable volume and having enough room lights on that I'm not flown into by bats. (My father has this thing about too much light.)

Since some of the friends are coming in from Connecticut they gathered here as the staging area and I knew there were frantic negotiations going on regarding whose car to use, how many cars to use, who was leaving early, and where they might eat. The sudden dropping out of a niece and her mother (to stare over the high school senior, lest she have a weekend alone before she leaves for college) disordered some things, but also opened the door to their going to a Thai restaurant. The mother did not want Thai, and could be very stubborn on the point; I only overheard my parents trying to find a place around that and I got too much of anti-Thai talk.

Surprising me when I got out was, first, that both my parent's cars were left behind; I thought they'd take my father's truck since it has quite a few seats and trunk capacity. Second, the Connecticut car was parked directly in front of the driveway, blocking the path my mother's car uses. It's not a problem that I couldn't drive my mother's car since that's stick shift and I haven't learned to drive stick (my mother promises she'll teach me ``someday'', which I think means as her car stops being a BMW). Parking in the street is against neighborhood association regulations, as my mother knows, because she reads all the association rules and nags my father about them when he leaves his car in the street. I don't know if obstructing a driveway is against any rules, but I'd be willing to bet it is. I'm amazed my mother let it stand. I've got to ask when they get back.

Trivia: At his third (and final) trial, in April 1922, Roscoe ``Fatty'' Arbuckle's jury found him innocent after five minutes of deliberation. Source: Keystone: The Life and Clowns of Mack Sennett, Simon Louvish.

Currently Reading: Uncommon Carriers, John McPhee.


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