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Who knows what tomorrow may bring?

The other day I had to run to Office Depot to fax something for my mother. Actually, I drove, and my method of getting to the car or from the car into the store is more accurately described as ambling, maybe even breaking into sauntering if I did it right. In any case I clearly mean ``run'' in one of the senses that does not involve actually moving rapidly under my own muscle power. It turns out they want you to fill out a disclaiming cover sheet before faxing things, which is pretty much fine by me, although I was put into my usual sort of hyper-analytical spiral by trying to decide who the proper ``customer name'' was. I was the person there with the paper and the currency, but I was only there as an agent of my mother's, after all. (Complicating things is that she was urgently faxing a brief professional opinion, which it seems to me has some reasonable expecttions of privacy, but there wasn't any way to get it there on time other than a fax because the other person failed to pick it up in person.) I went with my mother's name, and the guy working the register didn't care at all.

I did also go about looking for some supplies for myself. One of it was for a grid notepad for myself, since I've been trying to do some calculations and writing them down on loose notes just means that I lose them by the time I need to look back at them, and I figured to get some gel pens of the kind I liked in Singapore while I was there. I also thought I should get some markers for writing on DVDs, since I've started doing backups of my files onto DVD and it would be a mighty good notion to have them labelled. After a couple minutes wandering around looking for them I was finally approached by a clerk, and told her what I was looking for. She said they're out of them. That explains that.

By the front counter was a table of items on sale for Mother's Day, including such traditional Mother's Day office supply gifts as High Definition television sets, packs of blank CDs and DVDs, shredders, and shredder supplies. I asked the cashier how the Mother's Day offerings of shredder lubricant were selling, and he admitted, ``They're kind of nontraditional'' and weren't a hot item. I'm really very glad I live in a world where things like this happen.

Trivia: British screw thread standards came about from an 1841 proposal made by screw manufacturer Joseph Whitworth. Source: One Good Turn, Witold Rybczynski.

Currently Reading: 13 Above The Night, Edited by Groff Conklin.


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