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The advice I'm given is that the reason I can't get the online form to work is that I must be using the wrong password. Granted admittedly they've somehow come up with a scheme by which one account has a dozen passwords for various little chores; somehow this is supposed to explain why the form jumps out of the way.

I understand from reading Usenet that Enterprise chose a novel approach in setting up this year's cliffhanger, in that they're trying to get everyone to laugh until new episodes start in September. It's kind of crazy, but it just might work. If I can find it I'll have to post the ``Enterprise Season III Review'' I wrote last summer, predicting the season ahead, and grade for accuracy.

According to the articles that accompany moves to outlaw spam in the Lion City, some 77 percent of the spam Singaporeans receive is from overseas. This implies 23 percent of spam is local. Assuming the statistic wasn't just made up, that seems bizarrely high. I would think that spam would be sent roughly equally from every ISP, and received roughly equally at every ISP, so that the fraction of ``domestic spam'' anyone receives is about the fraction of IP addresses in that country. Sure, spammers could try targeting places based on what geographic data can be gleaned from local boards and the like, but that seems like an awful lot of work for your basic scam. I'm going to be stuck figuring out whether spammers try to scam locally first or whether the number was just made up for days, or until I completely forget the article.

Trivia: Charles Dickens alleged that English King John I offered to convert to Islam in exchange for Turkish help in his struggles against the nobles. Source: A Child's History of England, Charles Dickens. (Note: I've never seen this mentioned in other history books of John's era. It sounds like some scurrilous Victorian slander against one of the bigger non-Stuart schlubs to reach the English throne. I'd love to know the full story.)

Currently Reading: European History, 1648-1789, Robert M. Rayner.


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