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If you haven't got bananas don't be blue

Work, for the curious, continues on its slightly ridiculous path. While the company owner is reportedly recovering regularly and feeling pretty good considering, nobody but him knows exactly what I should be doing, or to what, or when. Considering that I theoretically had a deadline, at one point, at the end of this month ... matters may get very exciting soon. Not helping matters is that it's the busy period for the company -- at least for everyone else -- so that people are getting marginally more pressed for time and in need of going off to talk with other people instead of explaining things to me. (Though I notice there's still time for people to play Hearts online or debate the mighty fine ending to The Sopranos -- who would have guessed Tony Soprano would end up on the island from Lost?) But things are clearly getting busier for everyone else; they've been delivering box after box of pre-printed forms ready to be printed on again, so that little cardboard box fortresses are going up around desks in order to store the blanks somewhere.

The other day the air conditioning on the first floor broke down, so the manager ordered a couple buckets of frozen ices to soothe modestly sweaty staff feelings even though the air conditioning was repaired pretty quickly. (It's quite a nice place, you see.) So when I was called down to move my car (see earlier comments about the parking lot size relative the number of cars to park) I didn't go right back up to sit uncertainly in my office and instead had some nearly melted ices -- I was drawn to the mango ice since I had a yellow shirt, although as it happens I didn't spill anything anyway -- and attempted to make small talk, which I was able to do for about a half-hour before I started to feel people were wondering what exactly I was doing there anyway. It helped that they had just gotten in the actual server unit that whatever it is I do is to be done, and I could spend time watching the specifications of it be pulled up on the monitor -- aptly named ``Blinky'' -- temporarily fitted to it. It's quite impressive, boasting a 2,038 godzillabyte hard drive and either four dual-core or two quad-core processors, and came in rather less than the original budget estimate because the server company lost the first order and it was easier to place a brand-new one than to get someone there to find the lost order.

The day after, things weren't quite so hectic.

Trivia: When the United States Department of Justice announced it would appeal the permission granted (in 1967) for ITT to buy out the American Broadcasting Company, ABC stock fell 21 points in one day. Source: Inside ABC, Sterling Quinlan.

Currently Reading: A History of Private Life: Revelations of the Medieval World, Edited by Philippe Ariès, Georges Duby. Library book sale book again.


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