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When Fibber runs to open that closet door -- look out!

So I went looking to CDs, and to portable CD players with those cassette adaptor things, which turned out to be harder to find than I thought. I suppose, rather like video tapes, I just assumed they were all over the place and I just had to hold my hand out for a couple of minutes for one to fall in. They're rarer, reflecting the changeover in cars from cassettes to CD players, I suppose. I complicated things by looking for a player that also explicitly handled MP3s, since I like old-time radio and it's very easy to download four years' worth of Fibber McGee and Molly from and burn that to a CD.

Eventually at Radio Shack I found a suitable-looking player whose label claimed it would handle both regular CDs and MP3s. Once I did, I let it sit for about a week due to various things getting in the way and the chance I happened to drive my father's car rather than my own for a short while. But eventually I got around to it and found that it didn't actually play any sort of disc. You could put a regular CD or an MP3 CD in, and the display would come up, blink CD MP3 for a while, and then nothing would happen. This was contrary to the instruction booklet, near as I could tell.

I returned to another Radio Shack, where the cashier was involved with someone who had turned a remote-control car into a complicated transaction. But another clerk came up to me and asked what I wanted; I began to explain that the CD player didn't. She looked at it, immediately took it, and returned with another of the same model, without looking at my receipt, and she told me there wasn't any need to ring this up on the register. This may be a warning regarding the quality control history of the CD player I chose to buy. However, it does play both regular CDs and my experimental MP3 discs of the 1940 run of Fibber McGee and Molly.

Trivia: The first basketball game, in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts, was played with a peach basket and a soccer ball. It was won by a score of 1-0. Source: Know-It-All, A J Jacobs.

Currently Reading: Star Makers, Olaf Stapledon. The other half of that library book sale Stapledon book.


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