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And it's nice when you believe me

I admit the discovery my book was in actual university libraries inspired me to do a bit of Google searching for myself. I don't normally do this because I deep down fear that only my really stupidest comments ever will appear, and everything approximately witty I've ever written was lost to a data void. The only surprise in this round was that I turned up in the archives of Today, a free daily Singapore tabloid. I never paid it much attention, since it wasn't directly distributed on campus and it was usually gone by the time I got to someplace off-campus that might have it, but it was always there. And on 25 January 2006, in a round-up of local blog entries about the Chinese New Year, they quote me. It was my musings about hearing of the Singapore-produced computer-animated movie about the race which ordered the Chinese Zodiac, and my wondering about how they would present the story given that the winner, Rat, wins by cheating repeatedly.

I'm gratified they didn't question my own lack of direct knowledge about the subject, since I only know the Chinese Zodiac story from what I've read in zoo plaques. And I don't mind the fact they quoted me, as it was accurate and relevant to the article and cited me cleanly in the best of three falls. I don't know if the mention earned me any new readers -- nobody's said anything about it -- and I'd have appreciated it if they had told me they were quoting me as I would certainly have picked up a couple thousand copies if I'd known I was in print. Printing out the web page doesn't compare, particularly since Today has the worst web page of any newspaper ever.

The curious hanging point is they mention me in a roundup of local Singaporean blogs. While I never made a secret of being in Singapore, I don't have identifying flags pinning down my location shown on my Livejournal. You'd need someone to actually read my journal for content to know where I was. Somebody had to have come across me by some stroke of luck and referred me to the blog aggregator (which doesn't seem to know of my existence when I just checked) that Today used. Who found me? And are they still reading me?

Trivia: The Boulder Canyon Project Act, authorizing the dam and the All-American Canal, was authorized with an allocation of $165 million on 25 June 1929. Source: Hoover Dam, Joseph E Stevens.

Currently Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant.


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