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You don't believe the information

Car repair status update, since I finally got the chance to take it to the mechanics. I generally like the mechanics I've been going to altogether too often, since they took over the place from a guy who was really quite nice and professional and a friend of the my father's from way back, only they updated the place by making it much cleaner and better-organized and brought in computers so you could have a receipt that was legible. The downside is that they're very far away, so getting up there is an hour and change both ways, and it's not clear whether it's better for the car to be left overnight. If the car can be fixed over the course of the day, my father will be happy to drive me up and then haul me over to the house he's working on, located partway between our home and the mechanic's, so that I can do the landscaping and carpentry that he firmly believes any of his children find the least bit compelling.

Also a downside is if they're to have a decent time to work on the car, I have to get up all the earlier to get it up there. I know people with grown-up jobs can feel nothing but contempt for my talking about this, but after spending the start of the week getting up before 6:30 am I was really looking forward to some days spent getting up, if possible, around noon, and changing things to getting up at 7 am isn't that much better. (This was Thursday morning, which I'd have reported except I was preempted by the humor piece. Friday was an 8 am day due to other obligations that I'll get to in time unless I forget first.)

Anyway, things turned into an odd twist in talking with the guy working the desk, as he mentioned that when they're not running the repair shop, they do software. My father pointed out that I work for a software company, which is true in the sense that they're a company and they use a fair bit of software they wrote themselves, and I was soon pledged to share their business card with my employers. I happened to have my own business card to give back -- a self-printed one I made when I thought I might actually need a few, so it's not impressive but it exists -- and he was mighty impressed that I was a doctor and a mathematician. Other people don't have brake and battery connector jobs turn into odd networking opportunities, do they?

Trivia: Section XII of the competition for Paris's Olympic Games of 1900 was the ``hygiene and physiology committee''. Source: Encyclopedia of the Modern Olympic Movement, Edited John E Findling, Kimberly D Pelle. This is other reference book I got from the library book sale (though there is enough contiguous text in it to be readable as a book, not just a set of data points).

Currently Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant. And this means I've cleared out the library book sale books, after a month and change.


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