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The pain I'm having is so discomforting

Oh, yes, after all of that came the car repairs. While I was off with my father hauling 80-pound bags of ready-mix concrete and the appropriate sands into his car, and later digging up a mulch-covered segment of backyard in order to lay down plastic, some huge greyish stones, and many tiny little stones of a different and much lighter grey, the mechanics fixed the remaining brake lines that they didn't have time to get to a few weeks ago, and they replaced the cable-shaped lumps of rust into new battery connections, so that's well. The new battery terminals are these serious, hefty things, big enough to use to crack walnuts if you had nothing but a car battery and its adjacent gear to do it with, as opposed to the old set which was much like a loose tinfoil wrapping.

But they pointed out that the rear shock absorbers were not in the best shape and will need repair sometime. Not just right now, though. Also the air conditioning system needs coolant. They don't inject coolant there, but they said that system doesn't look like it has any worn hoses or joints or such, so all I have to do is hang around a starship's engineering room for a couple minutes until LaForge or Torres or Tucker reports the coolant leaking, and scoop up a bucket cheap.

However, as a side effect of first all this taking rocks from one place to another, of digging up perfectly good pieces of mulch to replace with rocks much easier to cut your feet on if you go barefoot, and then after all that the hour and a half of yoga class (I will talk about yoga sometime), on top of the great amount of walking done Friday for reasons I'm getting around to in my own achingly slow process, I am feeling stiff. It's the kind of soreness where pulling the blanket up is maybe a bit too intense for the moment, and where you'd consider mixing together an experimental batch of chemicals in order to provide you with the power of psychokinetic levitation and manipulation of objects, except that it's not obvious you could hold a beaker filled up with up to a hundred milliliters of a watery solution without dropping it. I've taken a few of those pills which claim to reduce aches and pains -- they don't, not on me, but I feel like I need to take some positive action -- and am hoping that I can get through the weekend without having to do much, so that I can get back to work and the challenge of whatever it is I do all day.

Trivia: The seventh month of the Babylonian calendar was Tashritu. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: The Power of News: The History of Reuters 1849 - 1989, Donald Read. You know, I expected some oddness in their history since Reuters does so very well at reporting generally odd news. They don't disappoint, with matters like early on a potential customer being locked in the office while the assistant runs out to find Julius Reuter, who'd gone to a chop-house for a meal. But what lasting business doesn't have a little bit of kidnapping in its past?


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