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I even tried that nine to five scene

It's a tough question. I've got an interesting book I'm reading. My father, having noticed it next to my computer, picked it up, looked it over, put it back, and then asked if I was reading it. (Ever since a remarkably successful effort at cleaning off the dining room table I've been using that for my computer, some reading, and even eating dinner. This may not seem like that much, but believe me, that vast expanse of flat and unoccupied space is very rare in this house, and the cats keep prodding at it with suspicion.)

On the one hand I'm glad to lend books to people who are interested in them, particularly when they're about interesting subjects. On the other hand, my father apparently reads paperback books by setting off small explosive charges along the spine, based on other books I've loaned him. I'd be glad to have him reading something instead of playing Windows Solitaire and telling me my siblings are on the Internet chat programs I do not use, but I also know if I lay down rules about how the book's to be cared for he'll get sulky. I suppose the long-term solution is to just hide my book purchases except for the things I know he won't possibly find interesting.

If anyone was curious how `work' was going, it kind of picked up this week. Another person declared on Monday that they were going to have a project for me to work on, and that they'd see me in a couple hours to set me up with it. I didn't hear anything further. Thursday was a really active day, as I got called mid-afternoon to move my car so a person leaving early could get out of the extremely tiny parking lot, and I had barely got back to my office before another person called me to move my car so she, too, could get out of the parking lot. I realize this makes my current employment sound ridiculous, but it kind of is. At least it's a chance in the morning for me to read through books and pick out trivia points for the day.

Trivia: The United States ended coffee rationing in July 1943, after which coffee sales dropped temporarily. Source: Don't You Know There's A War On?, Richard Lingeman.

Currently Reading: The Knife Man: Blood, Body Snatching, and the Birth of Modern Surgery, Wendy Moore.


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