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Handsome and brave, if only he didn't wave

Let me start off by saying it was a small traffic accident, with no visible harm to me or my vehicle and nothing I could notice in the other. The other driver I don't know how he feels but frankly there's no realistic way he could have been hurt.

On my drive to the office where, despite rumors the boss was in today for the first time since his motorcycle accident two months ago I still didn't get anything to do, there's this absolutely terrible traffic circle where basically a feeder from the Interstate merges with a state highway in a ``circle'' that's more of a kidney bean and it besmirches the otherwise good name I have for traffic circles. As I was watching the loop's traffic and waiting for a clear spot I trusted the car in front was making the same judgement, and when there was a nice fifteen second-or-so free gap I thought he was pulling out, and I accelerated. Then I saw he wasn't doing any such thing, and hit my brakes, sending my CD player, the book-on-disc album from the library (Mayflower by Nathaniel Philbrick), and the empty bottle of Wawa Extra-Sweet Iced tea sharply forward. We can't have collided at more than five miles per hour, and my car was clearly not worse off in any detectible fashion. The other guy, I don't know, because I didn't pay attention to what his bumper was like, but it was about as small an accident as you could get and still have one.

He called for the police, and insisted on waiting exactly where he was even though this was blocking the traffic kidney bean which at the best of times is an awful intersection, and cars took to honking and all I could do was look apologetically backwards. The police ultimately ticketed me for careless driving, spoiling a 17-year stretch of utterly boring driving records (granting that for most of the last six years I didn't drive), and pointed out that keeping my title in the car was not necessarily the smartest thing I might do. This left me in total about a half-hour late for work, although nobody seemed interested in where I had been or what happened, and I felt shy about volunteering the information.

I don't know what the insurance companies will make of it, but happily I at least have that rare insurance company staffed by actual people who like their customers, so that side of things is likely to be calm. And I'm getting advice from the well-connected member of the family so for right now I'm not excessively worried about follow-ups.

Trivia: Telstar launched at 8:35 GMT, 10 July 1962. Source: Something New Under the Sun, Helen Gavaghan.

Currently Reading: Cheaper By The Dozen, Frank B Gilbreth Jr, Ernestine Gilbreth Carey. They're the children of time-and-motion/efficiency experts Frank and Lillian Gilbreth, and the book inspired the 1950s movie, though not necessarily the Steve Martin movie. I had to explain this several times to my father when he noticed the book.


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