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We're gonna shout when you powder the ball

The Old-Timers Game to get back to that starts with about 45 minutes of introducing the players. They start at their records and the boisterous people in the seats behind us try to guess first who it is based on as little information as possible. Talk about great seasons is vague enough for debate; when they pin it down to, say, ``1961 Cy Young Award Winner'' there isn't much challenge left besides remembering who that was. After that's three innings of split-squad play between the ``Clippers'' and ``Bombers'', which is probably another reason Old-Timers Day is a Yankees phenomenon, as who has two nicknames for the Red Sox that can be broadcast on network TV?

There was a mighty quick first inning, featuring the pitching of Paul O'Neill, a 44-year old who is in the chronological sense younger than the Yankees' starting pitcher for the regular game, Roger Clemens. And there was a reasonable bit of hamming it up for the fans, with one altogether too-close pitch provoking a phony charge on the mound (Keith Olberman, I think, observed that it's awfully convenient to charge the mound when the pitcher meets you halfway). (That may have just been the boisterous guys in the seats behind us. There was a lot going on.) Another example of hamming it up was Daryl Strawberry taking a comfortable and not really strictly necessary chance to slide into third.

After a quick top of the second the Bombers managed four runs. The Clippers didn't do much in the top of the third either after a single. Around this time my uncle pointed out it wasn't an official game until he had a dirty-water hot dog -- not a grilled one -- and called over one of the vendors to get three hot dogs (one for himself and two for his son; I wasn't yet hungry). As there were, to my surprise, several empty seats next to me that left me as the guy to walk across to pick up the hot dogs and turn over cash and try to crouch down so I don't block the people sitting behind me. The result is while I was trying to stand up tall enough to reach the hot dog and turn over money and crouch down enough not to block anyone and still hold things level something or other happened and I think it turned into a double play. So as a result there wasn't a bottom half of the third inning, which is disappointing but is in accord with routine baseball procedure.

Trivia: Skylab was ordered into an end-over-end spin at 3:45 am Eastern Time on 11 July 1979, sending it into a roughly ballistic fall for its final drop from orbit. Source: Living and Working in Space: A History of Skylab, W David Compton, Charles D Benson, NASA SP-4208. (I have the nagging suspicion I might have used this before, but I can't find it in Livejournal or Google's searches, and it wasn't used as an on-this-date item before.)

Currently Reading: Cheaper By The Dozen, Frank B Gilbreth Jr, Ernestine Gilbreth Carey. Somewhere around the disconcertingly good idea Frank Gilbreth used to teach his children Morse Code in a hurry and his Family Councils and his gleeful message to President Wilson on the declaration of war that he'd be down on the 7:03 train and if the War Department didn't know how to use him he'd tell them, I realized: Frank and Lillith Gilbreth are Robert Heinlein protagonists, only you don't want to slug them and they don't test novel definitions of parental love.


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