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We wanna dance and we wanna sing

I went puttering around the mall for no really substantial goal. One of the things I did take in was the comic book shop, which is starting to disappear under a tide of Simpsons-related material, but that's to be expected. I did pick up a copy of New Universals, since I was a New Universe fan and I'm curious what this ``remake'' or new take on it is, although I've picked up a couple of issues and somehow haven't found the time to read it yet. I don't know what's wrong with me on that count. I know from flipping around the insides that it looks a look darker and it's printed on much better paper than the original was, but that's to be expected. (The original New Universe comics, which I along with maybe seven people not creating the books read, were also the first place I saw comic books breaking out of the six- or eight-panel frames into nearly omnipresent free-form panels bleeding to the edges of the page. I don't think you can find a comic book that doesn't do that these days.)

And I also found to my delight that they're still doing things with Bizarro over in the Superman comic books, or at least in one line of Superman comics with Grant Morrison's name attached. And a twist on Bizarros that I haven't seen before, although I admit I don't have an exhaustive knowledge of breakthroughs in Bizarro since about the time Challenge of the Superfriends went out of production.

Seen but not bought: an Archie comics digest promising an eciting new character: Raj Patel, in an adventure billed as ``Out-Raj-Eous!'' It appears to involve skateboarding. I admit some mild curiosity about how the team of Archie writers, many of whom (as I recall from decades ago when my grandmother had leftover comics including them) seemed at some point to have heard of but not necessarily met teenagers, would introduce a character intended to be of (I suppose) Indian origin, but this not being 1943 I didn't actually pick it up.

Trivia: Archie Andrews was introduced in a late 1941 issue of Pep Comics. Source: Men of Tomorrow, Gerard Jones.

Currently Reading: Washington Goes To War, David Brinkley. I'd always looked at this regularly in a campus convenience store's book section, back in my undergraduate days, but never quite picked it up. Eventually I graduated and didn't see it again until now in Barnes and Noble. Since it was on the discount table, I did save something like five dollars by waiting thirteen years to buy it.


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