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If only in my dreams

More of my links to living in Singapore are passing: my zoo membership card expired at the end of July, so now if I do get back in town I'll have to pay my S$12 for admission like the common folk. I suppose I wasn't really using it the past half-year or so. And I almost never got to the Jurong Bird Park, which had just added an odd attraction where people in bird costumes do ... something. I don't know what; I saw a bit of a news segment about the costumed characters but not what they were there for, other than to induce heat stroke in their performers.

A less certain but no less trivial link is my electric toothbrush seems to have broken. I click it on and there's not the faintest response from the motor, not even the weak response of it on low charge. There had been a power failure at my parents' house yesterday and if the toothbrush had been plugged in I'd be glad to blame it on a power spike, but it wasn't, so now ... I'm giving it time to recharge, and if that doesn't work I suppose I'll have to get a toothbrush that works on this continent's power supply.

Probably knowing about the zoo membership expiring prompted an odd dream a little while ago: in it I had dreamed that I'd just spontaneously bought a plane ticket, flown around the world with nothing but the shirt on my back, and was wandering around a downtown mall (not one that actually exists, as far as I could make it out) realizing I didn't really have anything I wanted to do in the city, just that I wanted to smell the air and now that was done so I could head back; not even worth sticking around for a meal for, really. It horrified me that I had spent the money of a round-the-world plane ticket on such a trivial cause and I started to feel ashamed and hoping this rash action was a dream. But while I couldn't remember a moment of the day-and-a-half travel time or how I'd got from the airport to generic downtown, the `fact' of being there seemed irrefutable. And I didn't even have a way to update my Livejournal, and would already have missed a day! (Well, I assume I could have used an Internet cafe terminal, but I'd have had to scramble to find trivia sources, not to mention buy some books to read.)

I don't typically have `lucid' dreams; this is about as close as I get:I reasoned that while I may do foolish things, and I may utterly fail to notice three changes of airplanes over the course of thirty hours, and I may start wandering only to notice when I finally get somewhere, I knew that I would not spend the thousand-plus dollars for a round-the-world plane flight without serious and protracted hand-wringing and second-guessing on my part. With the dream's logic broken I could relax and wake up in bed as appropriate, secure in the knowledge that even my unconscious can't beat my understanding of how miserly and cheap and anti-spontaneous I am.

Trivia: The eighth month of the Babylonian calendar was Arahsamnu. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: A Modern History of Japan, Andrew Gordon.


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