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You thought you had me baffled

Now and then I have a day of belated realizations or accidental discoveries. One of them is about the Macintosh, at least the laptop line of things: if you (at least if I) hold down the control button (not the Apple button), and then put two fingers not next to one another on the trackpad and slide them both up, the screen zooms in on wherever the mouse is. And the zoomed-in screen tracks with the mouse. It goes pretty far in, too, to the point that the mouse fills half the screen. Holding control down and sliding two not-quite-adjacent fingers down zooms back out again, although only to normal size. The screen tracks the mouse movements, so it stays roughly centered until you reach the edge of the screen. This could be perfect for people who want to figure out exactly how far they could shrink and still use a mouse-driven computer application without going crazy. Can someone make it to ... I suppose the limit would be about two-thirds of an inch? I was giddy enough on discovering this I slid several of the computers in the Apple Store up to maximum magnification while I thought I wasn't watched.

Still no idea why web browsers don't let ``undo'' work to un-close tabs or windows you've shut too soon, though.

Something else I'd never recognized before was that the Saturn car logo actually represents something. In my defense, it's not enough to see something to understand it; you need some kind of mental model of what it represents. There's the same thing where it's hard to remember or understand lyrics if you don't at least think you know what they are. I had figured it was just silly abstract line art, of the kind every corporation jumped at for its logo in the 1990s, maybe with a vague notion of picking out a sailing ship, which doesn't make sense but then what corporate logos in the 1990s did make sense? Only suddenly, as if a light switched on, I realized what it is: it's a representation of the planet Saturn and a ring, drawn with enough of a minimum of lines that I needed only, what, fifteen years to recognize it. And I suppose that makes their logo retroactively a 1990s corporate logo which makes sense.

Trivia: Lewis and Clark first met Shoshone people on 13 August 1805. Source: Undaunted Courage, Stephen E Ambrose.

Currently Reading: Five Galaxy Short Novels, Editor, H L Gold.


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