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Was it something that I made up for fun?

[ Posting early; not sure where I'll be just at midnight; details to follow. ]

My parents are back. They enjoyed their cruise and my mother had barely hugged me before saying I ought to have come along. She was also in favor of my going along the last few trips they've had, and would have pencilled me in for their January cruise had I not claimed my need to sit nervously at a desk. It's not that I don't love my parents, and it's not that I don't like the prospect of seeing and doing interesting things as long as I can read my comics and keep my daily Livejournal postings going. It's just that I feel the inevitable parent/adult child tension enough, when I'm able pretty much on will to leave. Being confined to one ship (for the most part), and in a cabin which may be somehow smaller than the ``efficiency'' apartment I had as graduate student housing, would challenge my sunny disposition, even if every meal is buffet. I don't believe my mother has ever picked a non-buffet-oriented cruise, but after this, as always, she announced we are going on a diet, and Cheez-its will no longer be bought.

Going up to JFK airport I did the driving, since the alternative was the cats doing it. I was none too sure about the driving route up, since I'd never actually done that driving myself, and I was trying it in the dark, and the Google Maps driving instructions go into too high a level of detail (``From Route 440 North turn RIGHT into offramp from 440 to I-287. From offramp turn RIGHT following gradual curve to onramp. From onramp turn LEFT into acceleration lane. From acceleration lane turn LEFT into speeding minivan trying to beat you in the merge''). Still, despite worrying that I set out too late (I always worry about that), I got to the airport a mere ten minutes after their plane landed, and twenty minutes before they figured they would likely be out of customs and have their bags, so my timing looked great.

Getting from the airport into the parking lot, that took about five minutes and a circuit of Terminal one because the main entrance was blockaded with a notice to use the alternate entrance, which was placed about a quarter-mile past the point you stop believing there is such an alternate entrance. And it was another fifteen minutes finding anyplace to park, because apparently all of New York State was coming back from overseas. But that worked out well: I got in just as my parents had got their luggage and were wandering toward the door to find me.

I was naturally expecting my mother to drive home; my mother always drives. But this constant in the universe had a rare exception: she had been up for 23 hours straight, if you don't count airplane sleep as sleep. I did my best to avoid any potholes or uneven parts on the road, since every bump caused my father to whimper in his sleep, and we got home safe and sound to the bounding delight of the cats. The cats seemed disappointed that my parents went right to bed, though.

Trivia: Idlewild was the name of the golf course which had been on the site where the airport was built. Source: Naked Airport, Alastair Gordon.

Currently Reading: Tilt: A Skewed History of the Tower of Pisa, Nicholas Shrady.


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