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I go to bed feeling the same way

I may have made a breakthrough in social interactions with the cat. Most of yesterday she cut down on her schedule of meowing regretfully at my presence and was instead just laying in the guest room, near the closet with the opened door (it's left open for no reason explained to me), which isn't a spot that seems particularly appealing. It's never had direct sunlight, near as I can figure, nor is it near one of the air conditioning or heating vents, and the ceiling fan wasn't on so there wasn't any particular circulation of air. Possibly she wanted to simply glare at my bed.

But last night after I went to bed, and then got up two minutes later to make doubly sure that I had posted my daily Livejournal update (it's easier than trying to reason things out with my obsessive-compulsive disorder), and then went back to bed. A few moments later I heard her meow; I meowed back, and she walked over to the bed. Since she was standing around there, I put out my hand, where it'd be available for her to sniff, or lick, or by walking past scratch herself on. She rubbed her nose on my hand first, and then walked back and forth a few times under my fingers. When I started scratching she walked back further, and then hopped up onto the bed. (She's not allowed on the furniture; don't tell my brother.)

She poked a foot onto my chest, and then hopped off for more walking past my hand; then, she jumped back up and walked across me. Then she started making circuits of walking across my chest, jumping down, rubbing against my hand, and jumping up on my pillow to walk down across me. With that established she laid down by my side, began purring, and then I scratched her for a while, until she had enough of this and left. I think that I may have been promoted in her eyes from ``bothersome interloper'' to ``piece of furniture which giggles when I walk on it''. I'm giggly when cats step on me above the foot. I don't know why.

Trivia: Trivia: The ninth month of the Babylonian calendar was Kislimu. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: When Next I Wake, Frank Dorn. A university research project to use suspended animation goes slightly wrong and the participants wake up nearly a thousand years later where -- no, not what you're thinking. Actually civilization's collapsed due to a bunch of meteor strikes which have grossly reshaped the geography of the world, and the remnants of humanity are mentally crushed clones enslaved by mysterious shadowy folk. Yet the suspended animation chambers are still working all right and the university grounds are still recognizable down to where the library is. I have my doubts. (I seem to have missed why the suspended animation chambers weren't opened on time.)


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