austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

Good times never seemed so good

Scattered thoughts from the ceremony and reception and aftermath:

  • Can we please just admit outdoor weddings don't work? It's not that they attract rain, which would force everyone to move inside; it's that they attract slightly nagging drizzly almost-rain, making people think they can carry on outside, even as the wind reaches 30 knots. Just plan them to be indoors already and if you miss a nice day, well, that's that.
  • Still, it was a lovely ceremony; concise, tasteful, I had no doubt that everything in it was meaningful, including the reading from the Book of Ruth that I couldn't hear over the wind. My brother and his wife have strong dignity genes.
  • If you're the DJ and want to get a ``how loud can each table get?'' sing-along going, don't start with Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline, as ``Sweet Caroline'' and ``wo wo wo'' are the only parts of the song anybody remembers. For the rest everyone looks around nervously and tries mouthing the words.
  • Preliminary estimates from the photographer are that they took 6.5 gigabytes of wedding pictures. We're still waiting on the upstate returns from the film photographer, whose work will be developed and digitized over the coming week. There may be enough pictures to create a stop-motion movie of the entire night.
  • I can now smugly dismiss the other brother, the allegedly social one of our bunch, as having wussed out badly on the ``get up and dance'' question. I spent more time on the floor than he did, and I didn't have a fianceé or a date there.
  • If you do manage to get a couple under-30s onto a dance floor, when the musical selection includes nothing more recent than Kool and the Gang's Celebration it's basically only a waiting period until one of them attempts the Bat-tusi.
  • Someone like me, a basically arrhythmic uncoordinated twerp, can do a pretty good job simulating nearly any fast dance from the 50s onward just by moving back and forth, using step aerobic moves if need be, and clapping on the beat. This doesn't work for slow dances.
  • Both my father, and the wife's father, took particular care to get at least one dance in with all the women who came alone. I strive to be as classy as they are.
  • If you're stumped for ways to look like you're dancing, pantomiming bowling moves also works well.
  • Saturday Night Live is apparently no longer capable of doing any sketch that doesn't try using ``kinky'' sex as a punch line.

And remember -- Tuesday is the first transit of Venus across the Sun since the 19th century, so enjoy the rain.

Trivia: At the 1926 opening of the Victory Bridge over the Raritan River, two rented elephants were part of the inaugural procession. Source: ``Crews wrapping up work on new Raritan River span,'' Sunday Star-Ledger of 6 June 2004.

Currently Reading: Maps and Civilization: Cartography in Culture and Society, Norman J.W. Thrower.


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