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I'm gonna get along somehow

Miscellaneous observations on the U.S. after my first day driving around and unsuccessfully shopping for various things:

  • New Jersey has put up on looks like every highway signs reading, ``Safe Corridor -- Fines doubled -- Speeding and other violations'' (the first two words in yellow). What's this mean? They put it up on a lot of the highways, says one brother. They're doubling fines and [ whichever township we were in at the moment ] is using it to rake in money,'' says another. Thanks; I saw the signs.
  • Man, the DVDs that are out now. Singapore stores stock Video CD, Region 1, and Region 3 discs, crowding out the more eccentric selections like The Best of Jack Paar, or the Mister Magoo cartoons. I'm sure I can pick up the Disney shorts collections when I'm back in the Lion City; but the Hail Sid Caesar set? And don't the releases of The Dukes of Hazzard, Barney Miller, Three's Company, and What's Happening on DVD make Nick at Nite and TV Land completely unnecessary?
  • I accept 1.5-Liter soda bottles in Singapore, because it's a small island and would sink under the weight of 2-Liter bottles. What's this nonsense of putting 1.5-Liter bottles in U.S. stores?
  • The Freehold Raceway Mall is renovating. They do need a new look; they opened in August 1990 and their stylings were very firmly set to that time.
  • The Freehold Raceway Mall Carousel Ride, however, is already closed and hidden for renovations, so I can't give bunny_hugger any pictures of it. I'm sorry for that, but I probably predicted months ago that I wouldn't be able to show her what it looks like anyway. I just didn't know the exact reason.
  • If I'm not careful going overboard buying eccentric DVDs, I may go overboard buying Jerseyana books.
  • Any time I start either parent's car, WCBS-FM is playing Frankie Valli's Walk Like A Man.
  • They've done something wimpy to Cheez-Its.
  • There's a baby bunny living in our front yard! It's barely bigger than a hamster right now, and hops nervously from one bush to the other on the walkway out front whenever you walk past. I'm going to have to spend an afternoon photographing him.

Remember the Venus Transit Rainstorm, tomorrow at sunset (Singapore Time) or sunrise (U.S. Time).

Trivia: Skylab went 46 revolutions of the Earth (about three days) without ever passing out of sunshine around January 18, 1974. Source: Living and Working in Space: A History of Skylab, W. David Compton and Charles D. Benson, NASA SP-4208. (Note: Because Mir and the International Space Station have similar orbital inclinations and altitudes they have the same seasonal effect of several days' worth of continuous sunshine.)

Currently Reading: Maps and Civilization: Cartography in Culture and Society, Norman J.W. Thrower.


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