austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

As I stood there beside myself

We were cooking dinner. My dad loves cooking; I can't find much interest in spending more time preparing a meal than eating it. But this was a full-service meal with stuff cooked indoors and on the grill. So while he cleaned off the grill he gave me some directions.

``Go inside, get the big cutting board, the vegetables from the counter, the packs of sausages and the pack of chicken in the meat keeper. Then I need you to get the big boiling pot out and fill it up with enough water for the corn. Finally see if we have any barbecue sauce or anything like that for the chicken.''

So I went in, got out the cutting board, and started looking for the various things. And in came dad, who put the vegetables on the board, grabbed the sausage and chicken out from in front of me, and started poking around the sauces shelf in the fridge in the hunt for barbecue sauce (we didn't have any).

And then he noticed me. ``I'm sorry -- I'm guess I'm used to you not being around, and forgot you were doing all this.''

I love my family. Where else can you warm up for dinner like this?

Trivia: In exchange for such reforms as the guarantee no one may be imprisoned without trial, Polish king Ladislas Jagiello converted the monarchy to an elected position. Source: A History of Poland, Oscar Halecki.

Currently Reading: Maps and Civilization: Cartography in Culture and Society, Norman J.W. Thrower.


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