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Grab a chair and fill your plater

Things are a bit out of joint this weekend as my aunt is visiting. This is the aunt that's not really an aunt, that I've been to to see more in the last seven months than I've seen my actual aunts and uncles in the past five years. The big first-order effect is that she gets the guest room, so I don't, so I had first to toss the sheets in the laundry before going to the extruded office product yesterday (which I couldn't do, as my father had decided it was critically important he do a load of towels first, and was very upset that I hadn't taken my clothes out of the dryer the night before; happily, he did the sheets during the day), and then that I had to find somewhere to sleep.

My father was very upset about this problem. I had figured I could sleep on the couch in the study, where rcoony slept when he was over a couple months ago, but my father was sure that was impossible. After all, there's no way to open the sofa out into a bed there what with my boxes from Singapore there. Oh, and the boxes of Christmas stuff he'd left in my storage locker and which I evicted last time he was away for the week. Well, there's not really any way to open it up when the room is empty, since the dresser with the TV that's not plugged in to anything at all occupies too much room there, but somehow, it's just possible to sleep on the sofa if you actually sleep on it in sofa configuration. He was getting into the logistics of cleaning out the sun room so I could pull out the sofa in there, on which the cats sleep. I'm not getting in that kind of trouble with the cats.

My aunt got in later than we had expected; she first had a doctor's appointment that ran longer than she expected. And she has a new car, featuring a global positioning system that she and her husband already hate. Her complaint: the buttons to set things are altogether too small, and if you do select a button wrong you have to re-enter the entire address, rather than undo the last character. Her husband finds it gets off on weird, wrong tangents of its own accord too. While driving down here somewhere around exit 120 on the Parkway it decided it needed to announce how far she was from the next exit every sixty seconds. After turning that off, it began telling her where she was in French, and instructing her to make a legal U-turn (it was specific about the adjective) as she was way off of the way to get back home.

Trivia: In 1878 Japan's First National Bank began operating Korean branches. Source: A Modern History of Japan, Andrew Gordon.

Currently Reading: Dark Genius of Wall Street: The Misunderstood Life of Jay Gould, Edward J Renehan.


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