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My brother sent me an invitation to join a web site. He's sent me a couple, and has averaged about one in five for web sites that I would actually want to join. I believe he thinks he's helping me network, and I suppose it technically has as I've found out the locations of people I used to know who, it turns out, are right about where they were last time I heard from them. And everybody thinks it was neat that I was in Singapore and did I speak the language? (Correct answer: sort of.) This particular link is for Twitter, the sort-of blog-like thing in which people send reports about what they're doing in the precious seconds of the day that they're not telling everyone on Twitter what they're doing. Not for the first time my phone call with him turned into Bob Newhart pastiche.

``So, uhm ... why would I want to join this? ... all right, but, why would I want to tell someone what I'm doing every moment of the day? ... I sit in an office for four hours waiting for someone to notice me, then I go to lunch, then I sit for another four hours ... and this would be of interest to strangers for what reason? ... Well, after the office I usually go to the library or do something, then come home ... I couldn't write what I was doing, I don't have a cell phone. I'd have to wait until I was done doing anything ... All right, so I could read what other people were doing ... Why would I care? ... They could join me in a bar. I don't go to bars. ... Or in a restaurant? ... I hate when people join me in restaurants. ... Yeah, I suppose, from what you say I could probably look at the site and construct my own version of it ... why would I want to? ... All right, but Google or Yahoo already paid millions of dollars for this for some reason ... You don't think they'd notice they already owned essentially the same thing? ... You know who might buy it? Does Lycos still exist? ... if you could check on that that'd be great ... so ... `think of something stupid and easy to code and then sell it', right. Sure, why not send me the invite?''

I haven't used the invite yet since I can't figure how anything I tried wouldn't instantly turn into the dullest Twitter ever (``writing blog entry. Watching Deep Space Nine with view toward snarking on it'') but I can't fault my brother's business plan. It's just hard to find salably stupid ideas offhand.

Trivia: After winning the first-ever intercollegiate football match in November 1869, Rutgers would not beat Princeton again in football until 1938. Source: Rutgers: A Bicentennial History, Richard P McCormick.

Currently Reading: Box Boats: How Container Ships Changed The World, Brian J Cudahy. Yes, this is the second book on containerized cargo that I own and it is too interesting enough to read two books about. (In that weird synchronicity of publications, this and Marc Levinson's The Box came out about the same time last year, probably motivated by it being fifty years from the first paying trip of the Ideal-X.)


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