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For you are the wind beneath my wings

I had a strangely detailed dream last night about the TV show Heroes. I'm not exactly sure what the context was, but it was a rather tense scene of one of the female characters trying to urge a male character out of a room which was going to -- without his suspecting it -- become extremely dangerous in a short while. As a result there was the need for her go to flying in in this really rather impressive whirlwind. And she had to do some manipulations to the flow of time -- slowing it, rewinding it, going through the same moments a couple of times -- before the guy, who really must be admitted to being a bit of a clod about this as he certainly out to trust her judgement by now, finally accepted the need to leave ahead of the blast debris.

The only really alarming thing about my sleeping mind committing acts of fan fiction is that I've never watched Heroes, and couldn't identify any of its characters or actors other than George Takei. Nothing against the show; I just never got around to watching it, is all. I'm not even sure that my dream was actually tied to that show. It does seem to have been influenced by the Samurai Warrior of Superfriends shows.

At the Wawa most convenient to going in to office, there was a sign hung actually kind of low on the glass front cover. It explained that the place would be closed from midnight to 5 am for the sake of ``technology upgrades''. This went unexplained, although the cashiers were talking about how hard it was going to be staying awake that long without customers coming in all night. Apparently there are more people looking for convenience store ice cream on a weekday at 4:15 am than I would have expected for suburban New Jersey. There wasn't any word what kind of technology upgrades they might be. I suppose I should give the store a couple days before taxing their systems with my own highly predictable needs. I'm sure they'll need a few days before they've fully debugged the fried ravioli nuggets.

Trivia: The port of Boston, Massachusetts, had an annual arrival from foreign ports of 789 ships annually from 1800 to 1810. Source: Yankee Science in the Making, Dirk J Struik.

Currently Reading: Box Boats: How Container Ships Changed The World, Brian J Cudahy.


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