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Now I think I've got a lot more than my toys to lend

My thumb, for those yet worried, is doing pretty well. After the first days with the bandages I moved over to liquid skin, and that worked well for a day and a half until, at the office, enough of the liquid skin wore off to start bleeding again, not as prominently as before. With a fresh application of liquid skin things settled down, and now it's healed enough that with the liquid skin rubbed or washed off, it isn't bleeding again. The only remaining hint of the injury is the slice in my thumbnail.

In other family-related news, winter must be arriving as the neighbors have gone down to Florida. They're fun people, and we like them, and he even gave me some kindly advice about my father's suggestion that I should try going to Wall Street and make a hundred kerspillion dollars doing something with hedge funds while bankrupting a former Great Power nation. His advice: he retired from Wall Street twenty years ago, when the four people who'd heard of them still occasionally called them ``hedged funds'', and when you didn't need to know any mathematics to do comfortably well, so he can't actually offer any advice. My father has this strange idea that hedge funds are just waiting for me to stumble in and have money rain down on me despite my complete lack of qualifications, kind of the way his mother was convinced I would be perfect in an Atlantic City casino.

The knock-on effect this will have is they're happy to let us use their garage, an admirably empty space what with there being no car in it, for the winter. So now we've got a bit of storage room where I can put things left over from Singapore, and for that matter can take the things which are not mine but were put in my storage locker somewhere that is not my storage locker. I've tried moving things out before, but I don't have room to put this stuff except in the hallway, where my father gets upset that I've got all my stuff, like this Christmas sled, taking up his space. With the chance to leave it in the neighbor's garage for a couple months perhaps I'll be able to make the point that it's not my stuff. If I do get overseas again, I'm taking my locker key with me.

Trivia: The value of the guinea coin reached a peak of 30 shillings in November 1695. Source: History of Money, Glyn Davies.

Currently Reading: Electric Universe: How Electricity Switched On The Modern World, David Bodanis.


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