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So little Bo-Peep has lost her jeep and don't know where to find it

As for the progress on looking for a new car: I'm honestly torn. On the one hand, I clearly have to get a car that works reliably and that does not keep turning up new issues. Even when the wires to the ignition were working perfectly, that is when there were no critical issues, the car would still have the problems of the power windows sometimes deciding to get stuck, invariably in the open position, and the rear view mirrors weren't adjustable by the controller inside the car. Also the fuel door lever doesn't work, so I now have this paint can lid opener to give to the gas station attendant. Obviously, logically, the thing to do is replace it with a working car, and there's not much reason to take a used car as I don't need a different set of problems, but one without any problems.

The first car I tried out was the Saturn Ion 3, which has affordability going for it; it's also small. I'm not small, although I do tend to prefer cars on the smaller side of things (car things, that is). I could sit in it in about one pose, and anything else would put a leg into some solid piece of the interior, like the door, steering wheel, or that little pillar with the gear-shift lever. I also tried -- meeting my brother for his help as he's successfully bought cars in the past -- a Chevrolet something or other, at a dealership that's basically the first one leaving the city I work in on the highway. The salesman we got didn't believe our claim that his was the first dealership we'd looked at that day, because apparently everyone says that. I don't see what makes that particularly incredible, though, since it is the first car dealership someone leaving work from that city would see. This car was again a bit too small for me, but better fitting than the Ion.

Then over to Toyota where I tried out a something-or-other and then some other car. I don't mean to be this vague, but the fact is I really deep down don't care what my car is, as long as it works, which makes my shopping experience as frustrating to all parties as it could possibly be. The salesman may ask what I want in a car, and all I have is, ``a car''. There's no guidance I can possibly give.

Trivia: 110,000 Edsels were sold by the time the company stopped them in November 1959. Source: Henry and Edsel: The Creation of the Ford Empire, Richard Bak.

Currently Reading: Designing the Molecular World: Chemistry at the Frontier, Philip Ball.


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