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Been dazed and confused for so long, it's not true

The library planned to hold a book sale this weekend and I was naturally eager to see it. My sister-in-law was also eager to hear about it because she was upset I didn't tell her about the last one. In my defense, I had no real reason to tell her about it because I didn't know she was interested in book sales at libraries, and I didn't know that she would like to know about this one because the library is about an hour away from her home, and two hours is a pretty big commitment even if you're getting a bag for a dollar. So this time I warned her in advance, and she was glad, and she didn't tell her husband because he has the insane position that she already has a dozen or so books she's in the middle of reading. My sister was also upset she didn't know about the last book sale, but since I only speak to her once or twice a year there's no way to tell her about a new one.

As the book sale started Thursday, naturally, late Wednesday I started to feel a bit of soreness and a tendency to sneeze. Thursday this had developed into a full cold, so that for the time not spent writing my humor piece with absolutely no mental ability to determine whether I was being funny or being completely incoherent I spent asleep, missing my yoga class for the first time in a half year. That'll happen; it was probably a day I should have spent unconscious anyway. Friday it was more annoying, as I'd spent enough time in bed that it was too dull to stay asleep, but I wasn't in good enough shape to go out.

Saturday though, ah, Saturday ... well, I was in generally better shape, though not without a continuing nagging cough and a headache, come about 2 pm when I was up and relatively active. Still, that's probably fine to drive, right? And I made my way over there, where it turned out they were already on a dollar-a-bag. They had also closed at 1:30 pm, three and a half hours before the library closes for the day. It might be another six months before we get another book sale from them. And I don't know if my sister-in-law got to the book sale. And I still had my nagging cough.

Trivia: In 1950 the American Broadcasting Corporation earned $84,605. Source: Inside ABC, Sterling Quinlan.

Currently Reading: The Viking Rocket Story, Milton W Rosen. (It's not that long a book, but I haven't had much chance to read this week.)


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