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Open up your eyes now, tell me what you see.

And my mother's had the first of her eye surgeries. The word of the successful operation came through by e-mail from my brother, the one who fainted at instant messaging about a planned blood pressure test, along with a joke that she'd probably try to drive home just like when we were teenagers and had emergency eye surgery. Oh, and apparently there's a history of emergency eye surgery among my siblings that nobody thought to mention before. Also that brother has trouble with eyedrops.

The emergency eye surgery turns out to come from my other brother, who didn't realize I never heard about it. He'd had a little accident while trying to throw a pen at our brother. (To keep this all straight, there's three brothers involved here, although only two were at the pen-throwing incident as I guess I was in college by then.) He was none too clear about the details of how you can throw a pen at your brother and manage to jab it in your own eye, although he did say he now understood the need when throwing pens at people to throw overhand. Underhand opens up the possibility of disaster if your timing is off.

Anyway, my mother certainly left for the hospital in good spirits: ``Just think, the next time I see you ... '' and when she couldn't quite find the rest of the sentence, I offered, ``you'll see me.'' Out of one eye, of course, since they only did the one this week. Back home she was in better spirits, quite happy with how things looked, and she was sitting comfortably in the reclining chair with her laptop perched far over to one side. This left room in her lap for the white cat to sprawl out on her back. As she still needs glasses (glass?) for the other eye it's going to be an interesting couple of weeks and the balancing exercises in yoga class are right out. But if the next round goes as well as this then it should be a very happy Christmas for everyone but the cat, who hates being put under the laptop.

Trivia: Later in life Giovanni Virginio Schiaparelli, discoverer of the Martian canals, became color blind (he may have been color blind earlier in his career). Source: Planets and Perception, William Sheehan.

Currently Reading: Starshine, Theodore Sturgeon. Tch. Sturgeon actually has a story where the setup is ``guy arranges to use special effects to fake a haunted house'', as if there were any person who would ever be surprised by the ending. He carries it off competently, at least, even though the protagonist doesn't seem to have any reason to actually want the woman he's hoping to fool, and neither of the two big characters is all that appealing, but you'd think he would have known better to start with.


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