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One of the cats -- the younger, white one, for whom everything in the world is extremely exciting and to be jumped on -- is particularly fascinated with water, which is why we keep the toilet seats down. One of the side effects of this is that she eagerly waits outside the door when I'm showering -- I'm pretty good chasing her out of the bathroom before I use it -- and she prods her way in past the shower doors as soon as I come out. She looks vaguely offended if I don't leave the shower door open wide enough for her to get in, and she doesn't seem to have figured out how to slide it open, although she's made great progress on the closet and study doors.

Since I usually have other things to do I've always taken it for granted that what she was interested in was the little beads of water left scattered all over the floor and walls of the shower, and she certainly plays up that impression with staring at and licking puddles. What she finds interesting in dirty human-flavored water I can't fathom, but I suppose there are things I eat or drink that she finds repulsive too. And I'm curious what would happen if she figured how to turn the water on, although that particular manipulation of the shower handle would take a lot of effort on her part.

I had noticed she had an interest in the shower drain, and prodded at it with interest, but I didn't worry about it until last night when I saw the drain cover had been pulled up and out of its little niche. More, some of the mold that grows around the top of the drain when you've let it go for seven years without cleaning because who sees the mold that grows around the top of the shower drain had been ripped up and thrown around the floor of the shower. I cleaned that up and put the drain cover back on, and this morning showered again. This evening the cat, apparently, had got the cover off and had tossed remaining bits of mold around.

I'm sure she's having fun, and I suppose it marginally improves the properties of the drain that the top is cleared out, but what's going to happen when she's got rid of it all? What happens if she figures out how to move about using nothing but the plumbing? And will this change her affection for used water?

Trivia: Paul Revere rolled copper plates valued at $4,232 for the new Massachusetts State House (he had lain the cornerstone for it). Source: The Old Post Road, Stewart H Holbrook.

Currently Reading: The Calculus Wars: Newton, Leibniz, and The Greatest Mathematical Clash of All Time, Jason Socrates Bardi.


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