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I ran across on the Channel NewsAsia web site a mention that the ``first ever Disney-themed eatery outside of Disneyland'' has opened, naturally in Singapore, which makes it sound like someone's playing to the jokes about both organizations. The Global Brands Group -- and don't tell me that name doesn't cry out ``whimsy and cheer'' -- apparently has the rights to open Disney Restaurants worldwide and they're trying it out in Singapore first because and you can see how that all makes a compelling case.

The report mentions that the restaurant produces ``a fun way'' to ``coax children to eat their greens'', with for example ``spinach bits blended perfectly into Mickey-shaped pizza dough''. I understand there's a trend going to get children to eat healthy foods by making the healthy foods unhealthy, and I have to admit I'm starting to see the charms of spinach within carefully designated boundaries, but I think as a child I'd have rebelled against spinach-laden Mickey-head-shaped pizzas. That would probably be more because of the Mickey-head-shape to the pizzas. I've always had very strict limits to how much novelty I want in the things I eat, which amount to I don't really like novelty in the things I eat. I'd prefer it just be food.

Making me wonder a bit is that the restaurant opened up in the Anchorpoint Shopping Mall, which if I'm not mistaken is outside the big central city and heaviest concentration of tourist attractions. If I haven't got it confused with one of about four other malls named -point, this one is a couple blocks away from the MRT station and is opposite the street from the Ikea. That's a draw for the local population but not really a tourist thing. On the other hand, Snoopy Place, which was in Plaza Singapura and squarely in the tourist centers, didn't make it, but it also had a narrower range of cartoons to show on the big screen and a lesser marketing overlord behind it.

What pictures of it really brought out of me were reflections on how uncomfortable Mickey Mouse-head chairs look and how long it's been since I saw a request to ``Please Q Here''. ``Queue'' really didn't get anywhere in British English until the Great War, and it's never had any success in the United States, even though it would offer opportunities to use abbreviations until a message lost the ability of readers to follow it. Silly thing to hang on to, I know, but I do these things.

Trivia: The Fleischer cartoon studios settled in the Out Of The Inkwell cartoons on the Gillott 290 penpoint for all inking. Source: The Fleischer Story, Leslie Cabarga.

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