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Can it be the breeze that fills the trees

There's a trick to borrowing DVDs from the library that probably occurs to anyone aware of the three-day limit on borrowings: since most of the library branches are closed on Sundays, Sunday due dates are automatically bumped to Monday. So Thursday is obviously the day to take things out, particularly as I can't really get to watching anything I want until my father's done for the night, and he goes until well into the evening. So I was looking eagerly to borrowing something on Thursday, because of a great calendar coincidence: the whole library system is closed for Christmas, of course, but enough of the branches that are closed on Sundays are also closed Christmas Eve. Therefore borrowings that would be due Monday are bumped to Tuesday and therefore to Wednesday, nearly a week for most anything I might want to watch. Even within my time constraints that's enough to catch something.

Eventually what I found wasn't specifically in the DVD racks at all: one was a show about the laying of the trans-Atlantic telegraph cable that seems to come from History Channel or an equivalent product (and why do you never hear anything about the laying of the trans-Pacific telegraph cables, when that would seem to be at least as challenging a task?). The second was actually a videotape, a Ken Burns documentary on the Golden Age of Radio that dates back to when he was just making a name for himself and still created documentaries that were shorter in length than the thing documented. (It was not quite coincidence that orv had mentioned recently that I would enjoy it, if I found a copy to watch.)

Since the videotape was put inside a protective clamshell slightly more dangerous to open than a sea anemone is I brought all this to the circulation desk for them to open and cut away the poisonous stingers rather than use the self-check-out desk. Of the seven tabs that look like they might be unlatched to gain access only one actually does open. I also discovered that since the DVD and tape were from general stacks tucked away in the 620's of the Dewey Decimal System, rather than being in the Movies and TV Shows circulations, they were three-week loans instead and the library's state early this week was irrelevant to it. Hardly seems worth the rush to watch, now.

Trivia: William the Conquerer was crowned King of England by Aldred, Archbishop of York, the same man who had crowed Harold. Source: 1066: The Year of the Conquest, David Howarth.

Currently Reading: Empire of Light: Edison, Tesla, Westinghouse, and the Race to Electrify the World, Jill Jonnes. And I'm surprised that `Edison' is not in the Apple Dictionary.


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