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Take the highway to the end of the night

When my sister was over for Christmas she invited me to her barn for a party on Saturday, and for no really obvious reason I accepted. Maybe it was for the chance to see more of her, since I really haven't seen much more of her the past year than I did when I was in Singapore. There was the one surprise visit when she and her friends were off to a horse something and that was about it. Maybe it was to see where she actually does work at her job doing horse ... things. I don't know what she does, except she seems to have enough money for what she needs and there don't seem to be problems other than the obvious when she reports she had to go to the hospital because a horse playfully kicked her arm eight times and then blew a gallon of snot in her hair.

At the barn I knew nobody other than my sister, although some people did claim to recognize me. Maybe they'd passed through for the horse thingy a few months ago, or maybe they just recognized my description. A couple people said my sister and I had obviously the same faces, but since I really can't tell faces apart I don't know if they were serious or making a joke because they knew who would match the description of ``tall doughy guy with a beard''. I'd say I can't have a similar face to my sister: our hair and eye colors are different, but those are about the only metrics my brain recognizes.

Otherwise it was also a lot of conversations about horse things that I didn't understand and which seemed to be making up syntax as I listened, eg, ``He has to rub into his Snapple''. I know you're thinking, that must be saddle, but no, I was there and it wasn't. I also got brief introductions to the horses being kept there, although the horses my sister somehow owns were kept outside because they're prone to biting or other exciting activities. I did finally get to see her horses, at the end of the night, by moonlight, and she explained that I shouldn't touch the fence as it was electrified. Apparently this is how they handled her older horse's little problem with being enclosed; there's enough voltage now that he doesn't go trying to un-enclose himself.

Trivia: The first illustrations in The New York Herald were woodcuts by Nathaniel Currier illustrating the Great Fire of New York of 1835. Source: Gotham: A History of New York City to 1898, Edwin G Burrows, Mike Wallace.

Currently Reading: The Code of the Woosters, PG Wodehouse.


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