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We ended up pretty well stocked for things to eat for New Year's, thanks to my guessing that my parents wouldn't think to get that pack of a hundred hors d'oeuvres of varied sorts to be baked up in reasonably regular intervals, and my parents going out in search of their own set of snacks on similar grounds. I was the one who was able to find the 100-in-one pack, as opposed to Filo Dough-based smaller packs, which were tucked away in Shop-Rite. This opened up later in the night the theme of whether the package of unmade snacks should be frozen before baking or whether they can just be refrigerated. My position: nothing substantial is going to grow in the 16 hours maximum that they spend in the refrigerator.

My parents wanted the snacks served earlier than they have in past years, by which they said, ``More 9:00 than 11:45.'' Well, that's their choice, although I've liked being able to serve hot snacks pretty much in time with how long it takes to eat, and even with several bundles of ready-to-grill snacks they're not going to last from 9:00 to midnight. They didn't actually need to, though, as we got the first bunch out at 9:20, and by 10:00 my parents both said they'd had enough and they would see if they could stay awake for midnight. (It was only a half-hour short of Newfoundland New Year, I think.) I quipped to my mother that I could just Tivo the Dick Clark Show so she could watch in the morning tomorrow, but as my mother wasn't parsing the critical verb there the weak joke died horribly and repeatedly. It was a gentle quip, and needed a softer environment, possibly a plastic bubble. Too bad.

National Geographic Channel advertisement: Heads up! The next time you're at the beach, that tiny tickle on your foot could be an eight-foot beach worm! And they show five feet of it. You know, I used to like going to the beach, but if they're going to be putting eight-foot long beach worms in it then the whole thing is off, as I see it. And thank you so very much, National Geographic Channel, for bringing this little bit of ick to the end of my year.

Trivia: The International Fixed Calendar was designed in 1895 by Moses Bruines Cotsworth. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, E.G. Richards.

Currently Reading: The Code of the Woosters, PG Wodehouse.


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