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It might rain, it might snow

All right, who was it that ordered a thunderstorm? In New Jersey in January? I don't mind thunderstorms. In fact, I like them, at least in principle, particularly when I was living in Singapore and could expect that there'd be one in not too much time and besides the power company took it extremely seriously when there was the slightest chance of power going out. (They have the strange idea that power companies should be held accountable for massive disruptions to their service, with ``massive'' defined as ``lasting more than maybe fifteen minutes''. I exaggerate, but by little, and a three-hour power outage one evening did result in a pretty substantial fine.) So as long as the electricity and the Internet stay on I'm glad to have a thunderstorm. It's just that January is not the season for such things. And then to have one in the night and a callback Friday afternoon is weird.

The reason, almost certainly, is that it's been wonderfully warm this week and Canada is trying to send down a block of liquid nitrogen-cooled air and this is producing atypical atmospheric effects. Friday afternoon, in fact, we got a wonderful spontaneous downpour, the kind where it's a few scattered drizzling drops one minute and the next you can't see all the way across the Arby's parking lot. Add to that the wonderful fresh pre-spring smell that weather like this in the midst of winter brings and I'm reasonably happy despite being stuck driving home behind one of those people who sees no reason to go as fast as ninety percent of the speed limit particularly when there's all these uncontrolled drops of water around. I just wonder how the new kitten, who hasn't seen things like this before, handled it, but she was off doing kitten chores when the first thunderstorm came and I was out at Arby's when the second arrived.

Trivia: Freeman Godsen and Charles Correll -- Amos 'n' Andy -- began their precursor show, Sam 'n' Henry on WGN in Chicago on 12 January 1926; the show ran 586 episodes to 18 December 1927. Source: On The Air: The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio, John Dunning.

Currently Reading: Highway of Eternity, Clifford Simak.


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