austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

Borders Struggle

So back in December I did a good part of my Christmas shopping at the Borders bookstore. Along with the purchase they gave me a coupon, offering ten percent off of a purchase (``something for yourself,'' I think was their justification) sometime in the month of January.

Finally in January I got around and found something I'd wanted to buy but had always thought of as just a touch too expensive, and picked that up. The receipt for that came along with a new coupon, this one offering fifteen percent off the purchase of any one item, sometime in the month of February.

I can't wait to see what they have for me this month.

The cold's faded back to 36.5 degrees; but I've gotten the exciting twist of being hungry and being unable to stand eating anything. It really thinks it's funny.

Trivia: No part of William the Conquerer's body is known to be buried at his grave-site in Normandy. Source: The Norman Conquest, Kenneth M. Setton, National Geographic Volume 130, Number 2, August 1966.

Currently Reading: A Thread Across The Ocean: The Heroic Story Of The Transatlantic Cable, John Steele Gordon.


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