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Gonna sneak into the kitchen

Say, one odd lingering thought which came up from eating with my brother and his wife: has the Cracker Barrel line of restaurant-themed food distributors gotten in trouble for civil rights violations sometime in the past few years? My sister-in-law noticed that underneath the listings of all the various ways they can make pancakes or eggs or perhaps pancakes with eggs there was a notice about how they're so extraordinarily open to people of every possible sort and don't discriminate against anyone for anything. That's an odd thing to put on the menu until after the consent decree.

In other food-related questions: I'm a great believer in Chinese buffet restaurants. I suppose most people accept that they exist and that people might eat at them, but my point is that I really enjoy eating there, particularly if they have cheese wontons. Even my basic dislike for shrimp takes a backseat to shrimp toast, if they have it. I don't get to one often, but I enjoy it. They seem to not be part of the Singaporean cultural heritage, I think because the prospect of ``unlimited quantities of something for a quite low price'' might interact explosively with the Singaporean kiasu spirit.

Anyway, I accepted with reasonable calm that one of the Chinese buffets nearby had closed, particularly since they claimed to be closed for renovations and not for something serious like the last five health department inspectors went missing these. (My brother, who worked in a township's mayoral office, liked to spread stories from the health department of Chinese buffets repeatedly ticketed for not having or applying the science of refrigeration.) Besides, there was another one closer by. Except that as of this week that one's closed for renovations too, and neither of them give any hint to when they'll be open again. Apparently it's Chinese buffet restaurant renovation season.

Trivia: The Times of London ran the headline, ``Es lebe Der Kaiser'', Long Live the Kaiser, in honor of Kaiser Wilhelm's behavior in Britain at the death and funeral of Queen Victoria. Source: King, Kaiser, Tsar: Three Royal Cousins Who Led The World To War, Catrine Clay.

Currently Reading: The Culture of Defeat: On National Trauma, Mourning, and Recovery, Wolfgang Schivelbush.


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